Toca Life: Pets App Reviews

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I have a couple suggestions. Please read!

My siblings and I love your apps, they’re super fun, but we have some suggestions. 1: Toca Life: Aquarium. Toca Life: Pets has fish in it, but there aren’t any fish tanks you can take to your house, so what’s the point? It would be so cool to have a whole Toca Life about fish and sea life! 2: A big Toca Life, or a way to transport your Toca character to the other Toca Life games. We’ve always wanted one big Toca Life, where you can dye your hair and buy new clothes in the city, go on a vacation, then go buy your pet. That would be my new favorite game! I hope you read this review, and consider our suggestions. Thank you! -Toca Life Fan.

I love 💕 this game


Love it and I have two ideas PLEASE READ THIS!!!!!

Dear Toca Boca, I love all the Toca Boca Life games! I also have two ideas that I hope you might like. First is Toca Boca Life Hollywood Star. There will be Oscars, Emmys and more prizes. There will be many studios were you can film movies, and music videos. You can have a mansion and throw parties,And they will be shops with food , drinks, Supplies, and merchandise. There would be a movie theater where you can play the movies that you’ve made in the studios. Please please make this it would be a huge favor and I’m sure many young actors and singers would love this. Number two Toca Boca Life Fairytale. Whether you’re high in the sky fighting giants or visiting grandma and trying to get away from the big bad wolf or Rule over a kingdom. Either way you’re in a fairytale where you can Sword fight, climb up a tall tower, break curses or make them. There would be a really tall tower with a princess inside. A ship wreck boat underwater with lots of treasure inner side. A scary dark castle where you can make curses, brew Potions, And tell you’re evil minions to find a princess. And there would be a giant castle where princess would live. And a giant beanstalk we can climb up and see giants and a lot of treasure. Please make one of these a Toca Boca Life Game that would be the best thing ever!!!!! Lots of love and happy thoughts, llama girl🤩


The sound is not working for my game

Not working

I tried to play this but it wasn’t working. All that would happen is: Home screen Play button But when I click the play button it takes me out of the app. Really good game, though!!

So much fun!!

I love toca boca life games!! They are not only fun but super cute and entertaining. I enjoy playing every game and city is by far my favorite. I understand that coding games takes time and is very difficult, but I would love to see a new game that combines at least two or three of the games with toca life city. I know this has been requested before but it sounds like such an amazing app. You would never get bored. I have always wanted my characters in toca life vacation to get their hair done and I have always wanted my characters in toca life city to get a cute pet. So i understand it is asking a ton on your part but it would be fantastic if you combined these apps. Thank you again for creating the life games and please keep it up!!


I think that it would be nice to have a dance 💃 game thanks for listening from a toca fan

Love your games but i have ideas

I love all your toca life even if im to old for them but i have an idea you can make a toca life chef with all the foods and places to cook please make it it would be awesome and one more toca life animals not pets animals were theres pet shops zoos and all that stuff oh and ii find no flaws with this game or basicly any other toca life but toca life hoapital is really glitchy all roght thats it love your games! ❤️😀👍🏻

I love you guys!

This is a game for all ages! My friends and I love your apps. We are always excited when a new Toca life app comes out. I with you would make a world that combines them all! That would be awesome! Thank you for your incredible apps! Get working on the mega world! Maybe you could call it “Toca life Universe” you could have different planets and galaxy’s. I would definitely pay money for that! Hope you read this! Thank you!

Love it! But there is a problem

I love all your apps! Even though I’m 11, I still like to play even though they are made for children 4 and younger. The only problem I have with this app is that my attention gets diverted quickly. I understand that these apps were made for younger children, but I feel that when I’m playing for more then 5 minutes, I get real board real fast. Maybe you should do an online version? For role playing and other things like that. You would have to have your parent(s) confirm the account that you have to set up, so if they do not confirm it, you can not play. I also feel like there are not enough places to visit. Maybe you could make like a secret world in one or more apps? It would be like a secret place, but like a whole other app with a couple of places within the app itself. A suggestion of mine would be to do a summer camp, or a amusement park. Thank you. P.S I have notice a small glitch in the office where when I put something in my character’s hand, it fall out and then the game freezes and then crashes. Can you help me or evaluate the problem? I love the app and would like to play the game without interruptions. I have also notice that this glitch only occurs after I have used the video feature

New ideas for all toca life apps

Hi I’m the idea maker (not real name obviously) I recently had a amazing game idea and no it’s not mushing the toca life games together ( I understand people want that ) this game would be like those games but a lot different too it wouldn’t have a name like toca life:pets it would just be toca life it would be similar to sims but better. Toca life- hospital,pets,school,city,town,farm,carnival,work,gas station,cars,avatars,age up and down on command,death,stores,malls,roller coasters, birth(not realistic ew just a tap on belly),all toca clothes,all toca foods,EVERYTHING YOU COULD WANT,jail,stables,ways for them to be sick, movie theater, a place like Dave and busters,restaurants,it would be 4.99 because it’s amazing 😉 and give credit to me by making a secret that has a Mark on one of the trees in the park that says abeana00 Happy 😊

Where’s the horses and stables

I want to see stables

Awesome game, I have some game ideas!

It’s a really fun game, it was super fun looking for the special pet! Good job on the game devs. You guys should make a “Toca Life: Zoo”, it would be really awesome! Have the animals be the size of the Horses in Toca Life: Stable, and have there be a Zebra area, a Lion area, a Hippopotamus area, a Cheetah area, a Turtle area, a Nighttime Creatures area, a Gazelle area, and a Snack area! That would be AWESOME! Anyway, thanks for reading this, BYEEEE!

Super Cute, Needs Few Changes

I’m a college grad- and I still find this game amazingly cute and entertaining. At first I didn’t get it, I mean the characters couldn’t even do much and it’s essentially like paper-dolls- there’s a given set of items and scenery and you move it around as you want- it seemed kind of dull. But after a few times of just poking everything and being amused by the interactions I started to get into organizing each scene and ended up making a plot-line in my head. I think that’s the magic of Toca life - it IS like playing with paper-dolls, but it allows you to create your own game without any developer influence on your goals and story. I think it offers a great sense of play to children and adults alike- but it still could use a few alternations. For one, I think it would be very cool if characters interacted with each other more- like if you were to put two characters next to each other they would react differently based on who they’re by. This could also be done in scenes instead, where if you set to characters together a short scene would play out. The second thing is that it found it difficult to move things without being very clumsy. I think iPad users have the advantage here because it would be easier to move things on a larger screen. That said, throwing away poop is also VERY hard to do! Why? Because you have to find the perfect sweet spot angle to throw it for the poop to actually go in the little cans. It’s very annoying. The other thing is I can’t even find the reset button- to reset each scene. And the instructions for the game are oddly hidden rather than being in an overly obvious easy to access menu that one would expect to have for kids. I also wish there was an ‘undo’ button where you could undo the last action- that would be nice I think. Lastly they should add more items periodically and change up the scenes every once in a while with an update- I think that would add some excitement to the game once you’ve had it for a long time. Overall this is a very cute game if you’re looking to kill a few minutes here and there- but don’t expect it to provide a complex plot-line with action, drama, and achievements lol It’s gift is in it’s simplicity.


I love every single thing I have no bugs on mine I only need to more to complete the Toca life apps I’m super duper excited! 😍. But the only thing I don’t like about it is that not every single one has something to dye your hair with hair dye, there is no salon. But other than that it da best😍😍😍😍😍😋😋😋😋😋😏😏😏😏😝😝😝😝😛😛😛😛🤪🤪🤪🤩🤩🤩😎😎😎😜😜😜😇😇😇🙂🙂🙂😘😘😘😙😙😌😌😌😉😉😉🙃🙃🙃


This is a fun game. It has many things to do. The one thing i like about it is there are many different animals. Anyways, Toca Boca, if you are looking at this you should make a game where kids could make their own Toca boca life, they could put there own props in too.

Great but one suggestion

I love the game but I think it would be fun if you had an animal rescue game instead of just pets

Suggestions for you

Hi! I really love these games and I have some things I want to tell you. First, I got the pet game because of some of the animals but when I got it I couldn’t find some of the animals like the tiger. Lastly, I think you should make a game that’s about going back in time!

New game suggestion

Hi I just wanted to suggest a new game idea what about Toca life fairytale there can be a forest with mythical animals like unicorns dragons and other things. There can be a ginger bread house or a witch’s house something like that. There can be a bean stock up to the clouds where a giant lives. A castle where a prince and princess lives. And other stuff I really really u make this game :)


Hello! I’ve been buying your games for quite a long time now. It would be pretty neat if you added all the games into one big one. Like Toca life: hospital, after school, work, dance, farm, just lke combining all of them and like take a train station to go to that area. Like you know how u had to click on the building to go to them; I would just make it like you click on a car/train (a subway would be cool) and u would get choices if where to go. And if u wanted to go to a farm, you would click the word farm and it would take u there. And same with hospital and stuff. Like combine them into one big game. Of course you’d have to make it a big price Bc it takes a lot of work to make these games! But a lot of my friends think it’s a good idea. It’d be good for you guys! I hope you guys listen to our ideas because we all appreciate these games.

More animals

Love the game and all but you need more animals like ponies And make one game ponies or bunnies plz make a game where you can go camping and put animals and animals plz like call it toca camping

Great Game...

I like this game, but is there a way to move the animals from one location to another? I just bought this game, and am not sure if you can.Also, is there a way you can see and spawn all the pets? Please answer if you know.

AWESOME 😆😆😆👍👍👍

Hi this is so cool love how you can tap the fish bone and a egg comes out it is awesome the animals are soooo cute!!! Also, you should make Toca oceans with scuba divers and a secret underwater cave that leads to a mermaid kingdom!!!!! And sea turtles!!!!! PLEASE DO THIS!! Or I will literally die. 😫😫PLEASE Okay bye! I love you toca boca!


Hi! I AM A HUGE fan of your games!!!! 😃 I play them a lot and they are so FUNN!!! The pets are ADORABLE! (But not all of them) And the characters and nice looking too and I love where you can make ice cream for the pets like WHO DOES THAT IN REAL LIFE??!! What an awesome idea! Anyways you don’t have to make the idea that I want for an app but I would like toca life ZOO! There should be a gift shop and lots of animals!! Also places like DIPPIN DOTS just sitting around like they do in real zoos and places! I would love this if you did it for me and I will BUY IT! As long as it’s not that expensive!


Is there a fishbowl?


Hi there. I came up with a really cool idea for you! I was thinking that maybe you should make a Toca Life: University! It could be like a college with dorms and sports and other college stuff. Can you please take my idea into consideration, I really think people would like something like that. 😃

😩please read

I was honestly expecting more the trailer looked very good I was very excited but when it came out I was disappointed and it wasn't that bad but my expectations were much higher:(

My opinion

I LOVE toca boca it is my favorite game developer and your just amazing.❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 So I know you already have toca vacation life, but I have a bay house, and I am obsessed with sea life and so I would love it if you made a game like toca beach or something where one location would be the beach, and one would be the ocean, and there could be scuba divers, etc idk but I really am like your number one fan and if you tried it would mean SO much to me Love, you guys🐬🐬🦈🦈🐳🐳🐠🐠🐟🐟🐋🐋🍍🍍🥥🥥


I really like this game - I play it for hours at a time. I love all the different pets and places. I suggest getting this, but like everyone else, should be free, or at least a little less money. Also, I used to have Toca Nature and Toca Boo on my tablet(before I got a phone) and really liked them. But I’m not going to pay for them again, and I don’t have my tablet anymore. Since those are some of your older games I think you should make at least one of them free. Just a few suggestions- Thanks!!!!!😘


One of my friends introduced me to Toca Boca, and I’ve been playing them ever since! Once I got into it I’ve been purchasing the games monthly. Once I start playing I can’t stop!!!;)

Dance school please

Ok love Toca pets,but I would love it so much if you guys made a dance school. I love dance and would love it if you made a dance school. There would be five floors the bottom floor would have a cafe to eat at and a living space the next floor should have a ballet room with a closet with ballet costumes inside the next floor is lyrical ( ballet mixed with jazz ) again with a costume closet. Next floor would be jazz room with a costume closet. For the fifth floor a dorm area and locker room. Ps. Please make one of the characters have long blonde hair with pastel green highlights thanks -bullsharkgirl33


I have all of the games too I love them too

Only one flaw in my opinion

If I try to make a video, it won't give me the option to watch or save it when I end the video. This is disappointing, as it is a Toca game. I know for a fact that it isn't like that on only my phone. My iPad can save a video and view it. While viewing it, before saving, there is no audio. There is still no sound if I save and go to photos. Other then that, I think the game is amusing and fun.

I love this game!

I love all your tocas but my only problem is that there are no fish bowls I really like the fish but I have no were to put them, it get kinda of annoying but other than that I love the game!


I love Toca boca I am just suggesting can you make a toca Zoo I love all of the the pets in all of your games they are sooooo cute 🐹🐭🐱🐶🐰(=^ェ^=) I think I would EXPLODE over cuteness if you made a toca zoo


I absolutely love this game because I have a love for pets! It is absolutely my favorite Toca Boca game! I have a suggestion though that I’ve been wanting to happen since I first saw and played these games, could you PLEASE make these games so others can join your game. But they have to be in the same WiFi connection because of the younger children. Thank you!

Toca World (game idea)

I have been wanting this as a Toca app forever :Toca Life World. The game would go like this- on the home screen there would be a picture of the world and about 7 different places that you could visit on it. There would be an Airport were you could choose a flight to the place that you want to go to. Then it would show the plane traveling around the world to the place you want to go to (it would be best if all these places were different continents). And when you got off the plane to the place you went there would be a hotel , a restraunt , shops and different landmarks. Thank you for reading my suggestion I hope that you liked it enough to make it into a Toca life game. Thanks!!!

Idea for a new game.

I’m not really sure what you should call it. But, could you make it that you can customize your character, and you have a food bar, water bar, bladder bar, hygiene bar, and maybe could you make it where the sun will go down in in-game time? If not that is completely fine. Oh and maybe a update umm I don’t know If you have a Husky or not but if you don’t please add one and Please add a Rottweiler I love them 😍 and maybe make it were you could put on deferent collars please. And maybe add fish bowls that would be nice. If you don’t that’s fine but please do!!! Thanks so much for reading😍😍😍 #A BIG FAN😉😍


It has mysteriously cool stuff you can choose the pet you😍😘


Hi I love technically all toca Boca games. I just with you guys would add actions. For instance, putting leashes on dogs, holding bones in a dogs mouth, throwing dog balls, etc. This game is really cool it's technically a game starring pets and their owners. I also think you guys should add a adoption center. But I got really mad when I discovered there is no wilderness! Not only that but no sleeping bags! If you are not a very imaginative person, do not get this game. I hope you guys make a house game with a kitchen, 2 bathrooms 3 bedrooms, a living room, a backyard and 3 other houses similar to this one I just described. That should be a game that connect to all the other toca Boca games you bought.

Downloaded this for my little cousins

I downloaded this apps for my little cousins to play on my iPad so they will leave my other apps alone they have fun playing it and somehow even I got some joy out this game messing around with things and laughing. I don’t regret playing the app even if it was made for kids because it took my mind off of being bored for a good hour or so and even made me laugh a little. It is great for distracting little kids too not just me😸😹🤣

Can you make everything less pricey

Bring down the price pleeeese I can never get any of your apps because my parents don’t want to spend that much money. So pleeese bring the price down

I need more things, game!

I love ❤️ this game but why is there only 1 house? I have about like 26 pets so I need another home for them.😔 The sloth bat is so cute! Can’t you guys add another animal like a red kangaroo or a bald eagle? If you can make a new update, that is awesome!😎😍🤩 Thank you!

Toca life: amusement park

I love toca life pets but a new idea is toca life amusement park it would have fun rides fun games tickets and prizes you can win and house because you always need that please think of my idea and if it comes out that will be so cool🤗 thank you for reading

Love it ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

I LOVE your games their awesome but can you please make a Toca life water park there could be lodes of water slides their could be a baby pool a hot tub and a huge pool but there could be a front desk a food area a spa some rent houses to stay in anyway please make a Toca life water park or a amusement park . oh and add another house please please read oh and make a Toca life Neighborhood with lodes of house’s please . Sincerely Your biggest fan

A scam

The games from this company are all a scam. If you look at the reviews they’re mostly all positive reviews by fake people. Weird username and fake pictures. The company must have bots that generate good reviews because if you actually waste money and decide to buy the game you’ll see just how lame it really is. There’s nothing fun or interesting about it. All you do is drag and drop stuff. Nothing else.


I love you games so much!! And I really liked this game. I also have some ideas for future updates of this game like giving the player the opportunity to make their own room for their pet in the pet hotel.I also think it would be cool to have a hair salon for the pets where it is just like toca hair salon but with pets.Then you can make clothing for your pets or use premade clothing (like Toca tailor).I hope you think about my suggestions and continue making awesome games!!


Please make your apps free

Great game

I love this game. And a good question would be “ why doses the sloth make a weird face when he is muddy?” Ideas for updates: . More kids . More poop bags . A mini boat App ideas: . A summer camp . A Circus . A daycare Your number 1 fan Toca girl

Make a new game

So hi I love your rica nova games and I think you should put all of your games together including new ones and make a game called rica world including outer space

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