Toca Life: Pets App Reviews

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I love it!

A very good game but when is the toca world coming out!! 😃😄😁🤩🤩🤩


I really love this game, but you should add pet carriers and more stores or more pets or maybe even another house




Toca life is awesome so you should make toca life world you could combine all the toca life games! Then the plane from toca vacation could have buttons that symbolize each game and if you press the button you get sent there.Also,just so you know you should be able to take the different people to the plane from toca life town to toca life pets. I really like this idea and I want it to be made. Also I loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee (love) toca life and toca boca itself so pls read and make my idea a reality pls😢❤️ Omg !!!! My idea got recognized toca life world is coming out I wanted this idea to be recognized and it did THANK YOU and I will all the time enjoy toca boca

My opinion

I love it but I need to ask you a question when’s toca life world coming out I LOVE IT

I love your games but toca life world

You could get around on toca life world: you can open the character thing and where you can switch it to favorites to kids to babies you can make so you can switch it to toca city to toca pets to toca after school OR basically all the games have a way to get around trains buses cars SOMETHING anyway you could get around with those. Anyway back to toca life pets I LOVE IT it’s AWESOME great game ❤️👍🏻😜 P.S I wrote this on toca life pets is because I saw the news on toca life pets😜

Nice Game Toca

I have been playing Toca Life for a while now and I think this is the best one so far. It has everything from creativity to playability. So I just want to say nice one Toca you earned it.

Thank You for reading my suggestion and actually using it!

Hi toca! You probably don’t recognize me since you go through millions of reviews but I just wanted to thank you for using my idea with toca world! You guys are truly amazing and you have made so many wonderful games thank you! 💙

Great game but

Toca cruise sounds so cool like you could have a dance floor water park and rooms that are big please do it

I have some suggestions.

I really love Toca life pets and all the other life games but I have a ton of suggestions for games. 1. Toca life space 2. Toca life zoo 3. Toca life amusement park 4. Toca life police, and 5. Toca life mall. I would love if you add some of my suggestions I would be super happy if you did!

Toca Life: Pets by Toca Boca AB Review

Toca Life: Pets is an app for all ages that lets creativity soar. Explore in the wilderness or have your pets sleep over at a cute pet hotel. Even record some stories to save to your camera roll. Toca Life: Pets is a great app.


Dear Toca, I love this game! I think that it is super creative. I love the fact that you can drop of your pets at a pet hotel for when your character has to got to work. I am almost 11 and I still love Toca Boca games, especially Toca Life!I also have a suggestion for a Toca Life Game. It is called Toca Life: Space. You would have a spaceship that contains a control room, corridors, cafeteria, etc. I was also thinking that you would be able to go explore different planets to enjoy their culture and befriend aliens! I got this idea from young kids that dream of being astronauts when they grow up. This game would allow them to explore different planets, control your own ship, and most importantly, to have fun! I hope you take my idea into consideration. Sincerely, Really big Toca fan!

Can you please add a few things? 🐶🐱🐶🐯

Hello I love this series of apps and I love toca boca but can you add a pug? Pugs are my life and I would add a pug if I where you. And a calico kitty that would be amazing. Hey, can you make people in wheelchairs be able to go in the thing on the bottom where people go? Can you make an app called Toca Animals? Where a one of the places are a pet salon where you can put clothes on your human sized animal, and dye they’re fur and another place where you can customize your on animal and you can get cute clothes for them. Yeah and another app can be toca Pirates, and ya know, add pirate stuff. Thank you I love your games and good bye. -WarriorDragon2

Narly game

Narly game it's really cool And I think that you should make a toca boca zoo that would be really fun! T

Good but

Can you make a new Toca life and it should be about

Fun but not my favorite.🌈🦄🦄❤️

Whoever wants to download this game you should if you love animals I LOVE ANIMALS so I like the game... but whoever that’s not a animal lover then I would not get the game cause you know why that’s all it’s about! But I like the game as you see on my title fun but not my favorite. That’s all I have to say. So bye whoever that is sad have a happy day!

Some Ideas

I Have a idea maybe Toca life tamagotchi and Toca life spy and Toca life 1990s and in Toca life tamagotchi there could be tamagotchi characters and there can be a 10 floor apartment and the secret place is tamagotchi heaven! And Toca life 90s A House With 90s Decor And Characters That Have Tamagotchis And 90s Clothes! And Toca Life Spy There Are Spy Characters And Spy Gear And A Update You Can Make Your Own Character And Clothes And Pet Just By Scanning!

Toca Life: Airport

Okay, this one is probably one you get a lot. I know Toca Vacation already has an airport, but it would be nice to have an airport by itself, with more airport features. Bye bye!!


Hey I was wondering if you could make a space one and and a jobs one thanks 😉

I love pets I have one suggestion for a new game! That might help your business 😄

Love it best game ever made but I have one suggestion for like a wedding one and a Hogwarts so for the wedding one like a wedding chapel and a wedding dress shop And then the wedding after party and then For the Hogwarts one and classrooms and then a sorting hat and flying brooms and houses could you please! Do that everyone would love that from your biggest fan Lili faith

Awesome ❤️💚🖤💛❤️💚🖤💛

Hi I’m your #1 fan! This game is awesome! I just wish all the Toca Life games could connect, like by a train, car, plane, or bus. There would be a button you would press to make the car thing come and then something would ask which toca app you wanted to go to and you could put as many people (maybe only like 10 seats on the bus) you could fit on the bus and it would move all those characters to the other app, that’s all thanks! P.S I’ve been playing since I was five (I’m ten now) and I 💛❤️🖤💚 this game.

Too expensive

I love Toca boca games but why are they so expensive. I remember that they used to be 2.99 rather than 3.99. But in conclusion Toca games are great but I think they should be cheaper. 😋😛😝😜🤪 P.S. Toca Pets is great but expensive

Love it

I love all the pets and the park

Love it but

I love toca pets but I was wondering if you can make eathier the town one free or the vacation like completely free me and my brother love your games we rlly wanted one of those completely free or the school one i really want to be free that wan looks fun I wanna see what it's about plz thx so much have a great day

Make something new ❤️❤️❤️

Hey toca boca i have all your games and I wanted you to make a toca life lab. idk y but it’s like me i love to make slime. and love toca life its probably gonna take forever for me think of something else me and my cousins all think its a great way to get more people to love toca life if , not thats up to all the creatures of toca life. I love you all and toca life, it’s very fun to play new games i think its great idea if not than thats up to you all. ❤️❤️❤️

Make a new toca life!

Dear toca life I love your games you create! After all the life games you made I always can’t wait to discover things I’ve never experienced! I was thinking you should make a toca life amusement park! Like there would be cool roller coasters and a hotel and a fun arcade! Thanks again for all the fun that you give us! Oh yea maybe you could make the theme park mascot be a Llama! Thanks again! 🤪 🤓


I love this app but I had a great idea!!! In all of the Toca life games you can drive in the cars and in side there could be a car seat for a baby and a few toys and in the front there could be a map where you choose where you want to go!!! I also had an idea for an app called Toca life fusion where you make a huge land with every thing from the other games every single detail and every person or maybe in every Toca life you make a train that takes the people you want to any game so my own character from Toca life city can take a train to the hospital and have a baby then to the airport and on the train there could be a restaurant and a place for people to sleep you could make theese games even better!!!

Love it I’m just suggesting a new game idea

Ok Toca sister and I came up with a idea for the next game. It’s called [Toca Life:Mermaids]. We don’t want it to cost money if you guys make this game please don’t make it cost money. Also I have a new sloth idea. My idea is a dragon sloth.

This game is awesome

I really like this game it’s so fun I have 5 Toca boca games.Toca boca hospital🤒 Toca boca pets🐶and toca boca vacationtoca boca plants🌱toca boca stable🐴


I love this game but I would love it if u make toca Boca aquarium, castle make sure it would have dragons, and zoo and make it would have wolves and lions but more please 😊 but I want a bigger map for them please make them and all of the games to have a lot of secrets and the ones you don't have them have them I rate all stars the apps you make are too awesome I also want toca Boca dinosaurs and really..... DRAGONS ON ALL!! Dragons are my favorite animal and I really love the medieval times! I love knights too. I saw on toca stable there’s jousting! Knights jousted. I enjoy these apps a lot for you make good pets and stuff! This one is my favorite! Anymore secrets beside tree in park and cave in park? There definitely needs to be more! I’m such a HUGE FAN! A little gift for you.....🎁.......... (these are all suggestions tysm if you make them all come true!)

Well I am ten sooo

Yeah I love this game but it is kinda boring because I am ten I was thinking that your next Toca life game should be sloth simulator just sloths and like a room or two of each world and a sloth from there and then make new sloths for that game!! I would SOO play that!! Any way that’s my review please do my idea thank you!!

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ +idea

This is one of my favorite Toca life’s so far and i have a idea for a new Toca life ok so you o how there’s usually special characters like in Toca Vic there’s a green guy and pineapple and in Toca ya so what if there was a Toca alien 👽 were it was like a alien city and there were a few humans😂 anyway I thought it would be fun and go and read my review on Toca after school be cuz I have like 7 new ideas S is called PLEASE READ TOCA PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ 😝 lol 😂

Omg I love this game but......😍😍😍😍😍

I love this game! But I have some suggestions... I wish there were more small kids and outfits... and almost every Toca Life game has a storage. So why does this one not? There should be more cages for pets to be taken home in. Other than that I love this game!!!!

Nerdy old me


Another game idea

Ok so I am not going into detail too much but I think there should be a toca life sports were there is a pool for swimm team and bathing suits and a locker room then there is a gymnastics gym were there is a trampoline and bars and leotards then there will be house that is not too small and a basketball court also please put a girl with blond hair in the game thanks:)

So like😅

I’m 13 and I still act like I’m 7-8 I really love these games I love role playing with these and I love your guy’s games//the toca life ones😂I really do hope you make more of toca life❣️


I LOVE these toca life games. I wish u could bring ur fav character to different games so they can have all different stories! Love you guys very much! I also would like to suggest either a toca life space, or toca life parenting/parenthood. THOSE WOULD BE AMAZING!!! 😂♥️

Love this Game!

I really love this game!! I also really want you guys to make a Toca life: zoo! This isn’t really a review but it’s more of a request. Anyways, love the game!!

I have a idea

Hi toca boca , I think it will be good if we can connect all toca life together. I think that it will be cool if we can take people around all toca life for example we can have Rita go to toca life pets . The next game you should do is toca life Castle that will also be cool . Thank you for reading this

Character suggestion

While playing your game I was thinking about the characters and got a cool idea. It would be really cool if you made an app where you make your own character, hair, clothes, age, etc. once you make your character you could download it to the game. Then people could play with whatever character they wanted.


This is by far the cutest Toca Life yet! I love the different animals and such, but one problem I have which goes with all games. I know I have said it many times, but could you possibly find a way to make it so you can travel from app to app? Or have a create a character section? That would be so cool!! Love all the animals and people in this one, but please take my request into consideration!!!😁

Love best but add a difrent thing pls

I think you should add a game where there’s a pet store hair salon and horse riding class also a food stand by the park in the middle but I love Toca life keep up the good work 🤩👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻😺😺😺😺😺 GREAT❤️💕💗💚💛🖤💜🧡❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤❣️💕💞💓💗💖💘


I love this game but when I update this and all my other toca apps it completely makes it reset and I don't like that especially since I have at least 8! Buuut I did give 5️⃣ 🌟 so don't let me down! 🤗😃😜😊👱🏻‍♀️


I love all the toca life games, but I feel like the creators should make a holiday or season one like different areas are different seasons. And maybe have a way that all the life games are connected so you can use every character in every game

Chicken nugget

Hi i love and play all your toca life games but please make a Hollywood world

Amazing game!!!

This game is worth the 3 dollars😀it would be cool if you make a zoo Toca life or a space one. Or if you could make your own person to look like you and change the face expression and everything . Thankyou to the makers of this game! because it takes a lot to make a good quality game, you probably spend a lot of time make Toca games so Thankyou😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊


OH MY STARS THIS IS AMAZING!!!! I LOVE HOW MUCH YOU CAN FO AND HOW CUTE THIS IS!!! THIS IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE TOCA LIFE GAMES SO FAR!! Could you also do toca space, toca mall, toca amusement park, or toca create where you create the world you play in and the characters. Thank you so much for reading this and I hope you have a blessed day! Bye!

Love the game but

Well maybe you can make every game of toca boca pregnant 🤰 and have pregnant clothing two I’m just asking but you have two do that😶🤗

Thanks so much

I love Tocaboca since it came out pleas make a Tocaboca fashionshow and aquarium and unicorn kingdom and pirates ships and even make your own Tocaboca game and carnival zoo and pool and town with different houses

Toca life make!!

1. Awesome game 2. Why 3:99? 3. Could you please make a toca life make, it would be where you design every last bit of your character, awesome, right?!

  • send link to app